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PROPRIME (Testosterone Propionate 100mg)

Body Building

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Product Description

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Our steroid shop offers high quality Testosterone Propionate for sale online. Eminence Labs’s ProPrime is top quality Testosterone Propionate 100mg 10 ampoules (Testosterone Propionate) from famous Injectable Steroids producer.

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ProPrime is widely known as Testosterone

Propionate, Testoviron, Testosteron

Other alternative names for ProPrime (Testosterone Propionate): Eminence Labs, Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Propionate 100mg 10 ampoules, ProPrime 100mg 10 ampoules.

All of these are different brands of the same active substance – Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate, Testoviron, Testosteron

ProPrime product details:


Testosterone Propionate 100 mg / ml

Test Prop is known best for it’s ability for muscle growth and strength

Testosterone Propionate is the shortest-estered testosterone product available. There are some advantages and disadvantages to this. The major disadvantage is that users will have to inject Test Prop at least every other day throughout its cycle to get proper results. The advantages, however, are less bloating and water retention that longer-estered products and because there is less ester in each vial, there is more actual testosterone per injection, which brings better results.

Suggested Dosage and Administration
400mg – 600mg week

PRESENTATION : 1 ml : 2 Tray of 5 Amps in Mono Cartoon

Additional Information

SKU 1683
US Brand Name No
Strength 100 mg
Generic Name No
Manufacturer No
PharmaceuticalForm Ampoules
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