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Referral System

Our referral rewards program helps you earn direct cash rewards easily when you share your experience of Thesafepills with your friends. This program will allow you to earn a fixed amount on every order placed by the person you referred.

How It Works?

Dane had visited our online pharmacy and purchased medicines and drugs. This qualified her to earn referral rewards from Thesafepills . On knowing this, she told her friends about our referral program.

On her recommendation, Dane started purchasing medicines from our site.

As Dane referred him to our site, she got a commission of 5% for every purchase made by John.

Dane also referred his friend John to our site and became qualified for the referral program.

Now, Dane earns a commission of 5% every time John purchases from our site.

Also, since Dane is on top of this referral program, she gets 2% commission on every purchase made by Dina.

Have more questions? Read our Referral Rewards Program FAQ!

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