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Order Cancellation Policy

When it comes to our policy for cancellation, it would be pertinent to note that to the maximum extent possible, we fulfill all orders placed and wherever we are compelled to cancel orders, reasons for doing so would be well beyond our own control such as non-receipt of payment, unavailability of stocks, or issues with payment mode such as a fraudulent or stolen credit card, etc.

Needless to say in case of any such issue, you will be informed well in time about the same. Also, even after placing the order and your card being charged, there is always the possibility of the transaction being reversed and your card being credited back if the issue is at our own end such as unavailability of stocks.

In case of customer issues such as non-receipt of payment or problems with the mode used to pay, then cancellation would be imminent. In case customers cancel for any other reason, it is essential that they inform us about that as soon as possible; orders once dispatched may not be cancelled.

As far as refunds are concerned, they are typically made to the same mode used to pay. So a credit card refund would go back to the same credit card account used to pay. Likewise, if the payment is via a Check or Money Order, we will send the same back (only to the given billing address) if it hasn’t yet been deposited.

Refund processing time is typically 10 working days. Checks or money orders may take more time since we will first return the same back to you after which you will deposit back to your bank, with the whole process taking some time.

If even after 10 days your refund is not processed, feel free to write in to us.
Also note that when it comes to credit card refunds, sometimes banks take a long time to process.

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