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Kajal (Herbal Kohl) - 2gm

Generic Bio Kaajal
Kajal (Herbal Kohl) - 2gm $12.00 - $60.00

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Kaajal (Herbal Kohl) Every girl is fond of using some cosmetic products to enhance their natural beauty. Eyes, considered to be the best feature of a woman, are specially decorated and taken care of. Kajal is one must have cosmetic for every girl in order to beautify and glamorize eyes and steal everybody’s attention. Herbal Kajal or Herbal Kohl is one safe option when you are buying a Kajal for yourself as it takes special care of your eyes and does not sting your eyes like other conventional kajals. Kajal Herbal Kohl is a very special combination of valuable herbs and untainted Almond Oil that is an irresistible eye makeup accessory. This herbal kajal gently darkens the contours of your eyes, meanwhile pampering the skin around your eyes with the goodness of precious natural ingredients. The flower extracts in this revolutionary kajal relax the eyes, whereas pure almond oil is another key ingredient that boosts the growth of lavish eyelashes. It serves as a medicine for your precious eyes and help in maintaining and improving vision effectively. Pros of Eye Kajal Herbal Kohl: 1) Gives you attractive & beautiful smoky eyes instantly. 2) Promotes growth of eyelashes naturally to make your eyes look bigger. 3) Contains all naturally skin soothing & beautifying ingredients. 4) Fit to be used by all skin types, including sensitive skin. 5) Contains no harmful chemicals or preservatives. 6) Decently priced & is value for money. 7) Has a soft texture and easily blends in your eyes to give a stunning finish. 8) Comes in a decent twist stick packaging that is easy to use. 9) Has a long shelf life. 10) Does not contain any harmful preservatives or chemicals that sting eyes.

Additional Information

SKU 1443
US Brand Name Kajal (Herbal Kohl)
Strength 2gm
Generic Name Generic Bio Kaajal
Manufacturer Shahnaz Hussain
PharmaceuticalForm Tube/s
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