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Generic Medications

Generic medications have their own pharmaceutical niche today. Their low price coupled with the ease of availability, have made them a popular choice for consumers world-wide.

Generic medications have the same active ingredients as the more expensive name brands so they have the same dosage, intended uses, potency, results, safety, side effects, and warnings you would expect with the more expensive brand name drugs. The majority of consumers who have tried generic medications are satisfied with their results.

While generic medications may have a patent on their specific formulations, the active ingredients are not patent protected, so pharmaceutical manufacturers world-wide are able to produce and sell the same drug for a lot less money making drugs that were once too expensive for many people affordable.

Clopidogrel for Plavix, Atorvastatin for Lipitor, Metformin for Glucophage, and Metoprolol for Lopresso are just a few of the common generic medications available from thesafepills. As the patents held by major pharmaceutical companies expire there will be even more generic forms of drugs available on the market.

thesafepills carries a wide variety of generic medications to treat ailments from A to Z. Start browsing through our website today and see how much you will be able to save.

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