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Questions about thesafepills

Q.1 About is a professional generic drugs distributor managed by skilled pharmacists, our pharmacy supplies generic drugs and formulations to patients around the world. We offer discount generics, without compromising on quality. The products we offer are manufactured by leading pharmaceutical companies like:

  • Ajanta Pharma
  • Cipla
  • GSK
  • Intas Pharma
  • Pfizer
  • Sun Pharma
  • Torrent Pharma is an online pharmacy headed by a qualified pharmacist, selling only generic drugs. This ensures that the drugs we offer aren't only inexpensive, but also conform to all manufacturing standards for quality control. Most medications on this website require a prescription from a licensed physician.

Q.2 Do I require a prescription to order from

Yes, a prescription is required to purchase all prescription medications. You may fax or email the prescription to at

Q.3 How much money will I save if I order from

Customers can save as much as 40-90%, which can add up to thousands of dollars a year. also has double the pills offers on Men’s Health products.

Q.4 How do I know that is a genuine company? has been in business since 2014, our mission is to provide the consumer safe medications and confidence in the security of their online purchase. We subscribe to the services of both GoDaddy and McAfee Secure and GoDaddy, which are the gold-standards for all leading e-commerce sites in the industry. Both services monitor our site continuously for any vulnerability. All problems are reported to us immediately and are resolved by our team of IT experts.

In addition, you will notice that all the pages which accept personal information are secure pages with the URL beginning with HTTPS instead of the standard HTTP are guaranteed to be secure. Secure pages mean that the information transmitted through the page is encrypted before transmission over the internet. You can use our services with confidence that you will always get what you pay for or your money back guaranteed. We ask you to do your own research on Almost half of our new customers are referrals from existing customers. Try our services once and you will surely see why we are a leader in the online pharmacy industry.

Q.5 Do I need a prescription from my doctor to order?

You are able to save 40-90% on most prescriptions. Depending on the medication this can add up to hundreds of dollars. Many of our Men's Health products offer buy one get one free deals.

Q.6 How long has been in business? has been in business since 2015 and have been growing steadily ever since

Q.7 How is my purchase from kept confidential?

All Information you submit to our company online is done through SSL, which means that all your information is encrypted and confidential, and your privacy is guaranteed! Once your order is placed, your private information is encrypted in our database and accessible only to key staffs of the pharmacy that are responsible for filling your order. Your information is never accessible to any party not involved in the fulfillment of your order. We never sell, rent, or share any information you give us. All order are shipped in a bubble envelope or cardboard box to the name and address provided.

Q.8 Who do I contact about potential business opportunities with

Business inquiries can be sent by email to our business development manager at: Please be sure to include all relevant contact information, as well as a detailed proposal on how you wish to do business with so we can direct your query to the right individual.

Q.9 As an affiliate or someone who wishes to affiliate with, how may I get more information on potential opportunities? offers a special Affiliate Program. For affiliate opportunities, please contact our affiliate manager at Please be sure to include in your email, the medications you are interested in selling, as well as the estimated orders per month you are looking to generate. is a discount online pharmacy who is more than happy to help you become an affiliate.

How thesafepills works

Step 1 -  Navigating our website

The first step of using the is to determine if we have the medication you wish to order. This can be done by browsing through US Brand names, Generic name, the ailment it is used to treat, or by using the simple search feature at the top of the page.

If you unable to find the product you want to order, please send us an e-mail at
Our customer  testimonials will prove the quality of our services.

Step 2 -  Signing Up for an Account

Once you have found the product to order click the ‘add to cart’ button. Once you have an item in your cart you will see the 'Login / Register’ page open. Register as a new customer here or login as an existing customer, if you already have an account with us. If you ever experience problems or have aa question about placing your order, be sure to – our customer service center is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help when you need it.

Step 3 -  How your order is filled

Upon receipt of your order details our pharmacists will fill the order and it will be sent to our shipping department where the order will be shipped as soon as possible. You must understand there may be times when a product is backorders or a processing delay could hold up for your order. Our goal is to have the order to you within our delivery guidelines. If we are ever unable to ship your order on time for whatever reason we will inform you. This provides you with the opportunity to decide how you would like us to proceed – even if it is providing you with a full refund. Customer satisfaction is our motto so remember we are working around the clock to provide you with the best customer experience possible.

Step 4 -  Shipping

Once your order has shipped your order, your account will be updated with the tracking and shipping details so that you are able to monitor the shipment until delivery.

Please note: Not every shipment is traceable, at least not right away. Shipments may not be traceable until they have cleared through customs in your country. may use different shipping methods depending on where you reside and the products you have ordered. You need to pay attention to the date your order was shipped to have an idea of when it should be delivered. If the shipment has not arrived during our posted delivery time, usually 10 days but can take up to 30, you should contact us so we can trace the order and reship or  issue a refund as per our guarantee if necessary.

Step 5 -  Successfully Delivery of Order absolutely loves this step in the ordering process, it gives us so much pleasure to know that we are able to make a difference in people’s lives. It is now that we encourage you to please send us a review of you experience with and refer all of your friends and family to our online pharmacy so that we may help them too!

If for any reason your order does not arrive or is damaged during shippment, we will reship it free of charge or provide you with a 100% refund which ever you prefer. Our business relies on satisfied customers who use e to stay in business, so you can be sure that we do everything within our power to keep you 100% satisfied every step of the ordering and delivery process.

Questions on Orders

Q.1 How long does it my order to be shipped to my home or office?

Delivery will usually take 10 days but may take up to 30 days.

Q.2 Can I buy more than a 90-day supply at a time?

This will depend on type of medication being purchased, the stock on hand at the time of purchase and the destination country of the order.
Depending on the country the order is being shipped to will determine the quantity of the medications we can ship at one time. Some countries limit a maximum import of three months’ supply at a time in this circumstance the pharmacy may split the package into separate shipments to meet this regulation but the pharmacy reserves the right to request additional shipping charges. In this event, we will contact you to confirm before the order is shipped.

Q.3 Can I request specific medication expiration date?

All medications will have a minimum of six months until the expiration date.If this poses a problem please feel free to Contact Us if you require a longer expiration date and we will do our best to honor you request

Q.4 Why are's prices so low?

Production costs are for Indian generic drugs are much lower than brand name drugs. We base the medication price on the actual drug cost, allowing us to sell at a lower per unit cost than other online pharmacies.

Q.5 Are the products the same as what I buy at the local pharmacy?

The generic products we sell are made in India. Generic drugs are required to meet the same standards as the brand name drugs before it can receive approval. These standards for generic drugs are:

  • active ingredients in the generic drug must be the same as the brand name drug, however the inactive ingredients may differ
  • meet the requirements for identity, quality, purity, and strength
  • must meet the same strict manufacturing regulations required for brand name drugs
  • the drug must be identical in strength, dosage, and administration
  • warnings must be identical to the brand name drug

Q.6 If my prescription medication isn't listed in your search engine, does that mean doesn't carry it?

Thousands of prescription medications are available and not all are listed on However, we do sell the most popular medications. In addition partner pharmacies will frequently update the medications available on our website.

Please note: Misspelled drug names may indicate doesn't carry the drug. If search comes back that it can't be found try a search by the brand name or by the ailment it treats. In the event we do not carry a specific drug contact Customer Service to see if we may be able to get it for you. If the medication is a controlled drug, will not carry it.

Please note: does not and will never sell any controlled drug.

Q.7 Can I order for multiple people living in the same household?

Yes! is more than happy to send multiple prescriptions to a single address, even when the prescriptions are for different people. For example, a husband and wife could order their prescription medications at the same time in order to only pay one shipping and processing fee.

The ordering processes are the same for one or many prescriptions. Simply find the medications need, follow the instructions for ordering, choose your preferred shipping method, and place the order.  Ordering medications online couldn't be easier!

Q.8 Am I able to cancel my order?

Orders that have been shipped from the pharmacy cannot be canceled. Orders that have not been shipped can be cancelled but are subject to a $10.00 cancellation fee. If we are unable to ship your order on time due to a shortage or backorder of a medication there will be no cancellation fees.

Q.9 Do you use discrete methods of packaging?

All orders are discretely shipped in a bubble envelope or cardboard box to the name and address provided.

Q.10 What do I do if one of my products in my order is back-ordered?

If any medications are back ordered, you will be notified immediately of the delay and the expected time the product will be in stock. Please note that if the brand ordered by you is not available we may substitute another brand. For example, if you order Budez CR we will ship the same product manufactured by another leading Indian Pharma company.

In the event the sale price differs, we will never charge you more without your consent. In most cases, if a product out of stock and we substitute a more expensive drug we will take the loss. It is extremely rare when you are charged more and we will always call you first.

Q.11 Can I change my order after it is placed?

Changes are only possible if you contact us within 24 working hours. If the order has been sent to the pharmacy for filling it won't be possible to make any changes. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Q.12 Can I get an original copy of my receipt for a particular order? How will it be delivered?

Copies of receipts are available by logging into your account and then by clicking on “My Order”. Here you have the option to view details of the order. You can also print a receipt for the order by clicking on Print Order or you can choose to download a PDF file.

Questions on Status of Orders

Q.1 Why do I see "Payment Incomplete" or "Pay Now" or " E-check Payment Pending"?

An order with one of these statuses means payment has not been approved. You may contact us to make a payment or you may ignore the message and the order will be cancelled.

Q.2 Can I get reimbursed for an online order from my insurance company?

Check with your insurance company prior to placing your order to find out what their reimbursement policy is. We can provide a legal invoice to submit to the insurance company or they may contact us for further prescription details. We will never release personal information about you or your order history without your consent to release any information to a third party.

Q.3 What does "Dispensing" mean for my order?

When an order status is dispensing, it means the order has been sent to our pharmacist for filling and will then be ready ship.

Q.4 Why is my order on "Hold Order"?

Orders may be on "Hold" for any of the following reasons:

  1. Prescription copy has not been received.
  2. You had made a request to add or remove product/s from your order.
  3. One of the product/s is out of stock.
  4. Any other issue.

 If your order has a hold status please call or send an email to to resolve the issue

Q.5 Why is my order listed as "Cancelled" or "Declined"?

Your order may be cancelled or declined if your payment was rejected when placing your order. Please try to replace the order. You may also place the order over the phone at our Toll Free number +1-866-927-6602 and make a payment using a credit card.

All payment transactions are completed on a secure page and the card details are removed after completion of the transaction.

Q.6 What does "Awaiting Check Payment" or "Awaiting Bank Wire Payment" mean?

Your order is on hold waiting for receipt of a check or money order or the receipt of payment via a wire transfer. The order will be filled and  shipped as soon as payment is received.

Questions related to Payments

Q.1 What is the CVV number? Where can I find it?

CVV is a security feature to help verify possession of the credit card. The three-digit CVV number is printed on the signature panel on the back of Visa and Master Cards. The American Express CVV is a four-digit number on the front of the card.

Q.2 What payment methods can I use? accepts payments from Visa, checks, money order, wire transfers and U.S. customers may pay via an  eCheck payment. For larger orders, those over $1,000, we also accept a Wire Transfer/ Check/ Money order payment, however you should contact us at before placing a large order.

Q.3 How long does it take to process an order paid for with a check or money order?

Paying with a check or money order is the slowest way make a payment and as a result it will affect the delivery time for your order. We will not process the order until payment has been received. Depending on the country you are sending the payment from and whether you are a new or existing customer you can expect additional delays while we wait for the payment to clear the bank. If you send the payment for your medication by mail, we recommend you always use a registered service preferably with a tracking number so it can be traced in case of a delay in receiving the payment.

Q.4 How long does it take for reshipped order to be delivered ?

It usually takes 10-20 days to receive the order.

Questions related to your Account

Q.1 How do I update my contact or shipping information?

Login to your account and and go to the "Account Information" page you will be able to update your contact  and shipping information here.

Please note: changes cannot be made to your shipping address once an order is processes. Contact us if there is an error in your shipping address so that we can make the changes if the order has not shipped yet.

Q.2 Where do I change my account password?

Login to your account and click on the "Change Password" link to make changes to your password. It is recommended that you choose a strong password for your account to increase the security of your account.

Choose a password that is easily discovered by intelligent guessing Recommendations for  choosing a strong password include:

  • Avoid any password that are repetitious, are sequences of letters or numbers, are usernames, names of people or pets, or contain personal information
  • If the system is case sensitive use capital and lower-case letters
  • Include numbers, symbols, upper and lowercase letters in passwords
  • Password length should be around 5 to 14 characters
  • Password should be easy to remember

Q.3 What type of passwords are weak?

Weak passwords are based on simple patterns which are predictable and are easily discerned:

  • Common numeric sequences
  • Common sequences such as 12345678 or abcdefghi
  • Do not use default passwords that are often supplied by the vendor and meant to be changed immediately
  • Do not use doubled words such kittykitty or byebye
  • Personal identifiers: birthdates, address, names
  • personal information: birth date, phone numbers, ID information, addresses, names of people or pets

Q.4 Can I get a refill of a previous order?

Yes. Login to your account and go to the "My Orders" page. At this page you will see every order you have placed in a convenient list. You can select which items you would like to refill and then press the “Reorder” button.

Q.5  I have not received emails about my order, what should I do?

If you are not getting email from us please try the following simple solutions:

  • Add us to your mail list
  • Check if SPAM filters are sending our emails to your junk mail box
  • Ensure your email address is correct
  • Try using another email address from a different service provider

If you have checked the simple solutions and are still not receiving our emails then and we will try resolving the problem.

Q.6 Can I cancel my account with you?

To cancel your account you must contact us for security reasons. Since we do not save any credit card information most people don't cancel their account.

Questions related to Shipping

Q.1 My online medication order was shipped why isn't the shipper showing the tracking numbers?

Tracking information may not show on the shippers website until many days after the pharmacy has shipped your order. Often the package must reach the destination country and be cleared by customs before any information is displayed. If after 7 business days there is still no tracking information on the shippers website, please contact us so that we may begin an inquiry to the shipper to find out what is causing the delay.

Q.2 What will happen to my order if it is rejected?

We guarantee you will receive your order and a package refused by customs is no exception. If your order is rejected by customs contact us and a free reshipment of your order sent to you right away. We will send you a new tracking number for the order when it ships.

Q.3 Why has my order been delayed?

There are several reasons that would explain why your order has not been shipped. The simplest way to find the reason is to contact us and ask. Before contacting us you should check the status of your order, the explanation will most likely be found here. Your order may delayed because of a problem with the payment, the item is backordered, or there is a problem with your shipping information.  See our Order Status FAQ for complete details on reasons orders are delayed and what the status codes mean.

Q.4 Customs returned my order, what do I do now?

When ordering medications from abroad, it is important to know that all packages must pass through customs and are subject to rejection. This is not a cause for concern. It is your country's customs department's responsibility to accept or deny anything coming into the country and medications are no exception. Many times agents will usually return medications to the origin pharmacy as a precautionary measure.

Q.5 Is my medication the same quality as I get as the local pharmacy?

This is a common question and it is very important to understand standards for drug quality. When you place an order, we not only protect your information from online fraud, we also protect you from the inferior medications. All the drugs we sell are manufactured by leading Indian Pharmacies and their facilities are approved by WHO. U.S. FDA and other government authorities.

Q.6 Could Customs refuse the order again?

It is possible your order could be refused for a second time, on average less than 1% of all orders we ship are refused by customs.

Q.7 If my online medication order is returned to the pharmacy for any reason, will it be reshipped?

Yes, we will reship the order to you and send a new tracking number.

Q.8 Is priority shipping available for my order?

Please contact us in advance if you require priority shipment of your order. This can be done by e-mail or when you place your order. We do not offer priority shipping but we can place your order jumps at the top of the queue so it is filled and shipped right away.

 Please note although we will guarantee the order is shipped right away (as long as the medications are in stock), we cannot guarantee the actions of the shipper. Once the order is shipped, delivery is out of our control.

Q.9 Why is my order taking longer than the estimated shipping time?

This could be caused by unforeseen delay with the shipping company or the order being refused by customs. If it is past the listed shipping times, contact us immediately so we may investigate the delay.

Q.10 Can I cancel my order after it has been shipped?

Unfortunately, no orders may only be cancelled before it has been shipped, and then it will be subject to cancellation fee.

Questions on Delivery

Q.1 How do I know the medications I ordered are genuine?

All medications we sell come with the original packaging and instructions with the lot number and expiration date on the packaging that can be cross checked with the manufacturer. You will never have to worry where the medications you order come from when you place an order with

Q.2 I only received part of my order, where is the rest of it?

Large orders may be shipped in to two or more separate shipments. You should receive the remainder of your order shortly.

If you have any questions you may always contact us and we will be glad to answer your questions

Q.3 Why does the medication that I ordered online look different than what I have been taking?

This can and will happen when you order medication online especially when you are ordering generics. Generic medication purchased may be manufactured by any company and each company must use the exact same active ingredients, the inactive ingredients may differ, as may the shape, color, and size of the tablets or capsules. This has no afffect on the effectiveness of the medication. All the medications listed and supplied by are chosen because of their quality and the savings on cost.

Q.4 Can I return an order after it has been delivered?

The only time you can return a medication is if the pharmacy sent you the wrong medication or if the medication arrived damaged. In the either of these cases, the pharmacy will promptly reship the medication.

Under no other circumstances will we accept a returned order or refunded the purchase price

Q.5 The medication I received is the wrong dosage, what do I do?

Contact us immediately so the correct medication dosage is sent to you.

Q.6 I received damaged medications, what do I do?

Please contact us immediately so your medication can be promptly reshipped.

Other Questions

Q.1 Do you have detailed ordering instructions?

  • Search for the medicine using our brand or the generic search option on the home page. You can also browse through categories in the ‘Categories’ section. You may also use ‘Product Search’ option. Once you have located your products, click on it and you will be taken to the next level of the Shopping Cart .
  • Add the desired quantity
  • Click On ‘Add to Cart’ button
  • Repeat steps 1-3 For more selections
  • Once you are done shopping, click on 'Checkout' and provide the required personal and shipping information 

Q.2 I am not comfortable using credit card to order online? Can I fax my credit card information?

Our user information page and payment information page are secure pages. You will notice 'https:' instead of the usual 'http:' in the address bar of your browser on the secure pages. We however understand that there may be some people who are still uncomfortable in sending their credit card details over the Internet.. Please call at this toll free number +1-866-927-6602.' This form may used for ordering and re-ordering. You can also email us at for any payment clarifications.

Q.3 Is a prescription required to purchase medications online?

A prescription is needed for all medications requiring a prescription. Prescriptions may be sent to us by e-mail (as a scan) or by fax to our number  +1-866-927-6602.

Q.4 Why should I purchase from

We are the only online pharmacy that purchases all of our drugs from the top pharmaceutical firms in India.

Q.5 Are the medications you sell manufactured by reputable drug firms?

We sell medications manufactured by leading Indian manufacturers. The Indian Pharma industry is the fourth largest in the world in terms of volume. The top fifty India Pharmaceutical manufacturers in terms of value are:


Aarti Drugs Ltd.

Abbott India Ltd.

Alembic Ltd.

Astrazeneca Pharma India Ltd.

Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.

Aventis Pharma Ltd.

Biocon Ltd.

Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Cipla Ltd.

Dabur Pharma Ltd.

Divi'S Laboratories Ltd.

Dr. Reddy'S Laboratories Ltd.

Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

F D C Ltd.

Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Ind-Swift Laboratories Ltd.

Ind-Swift Ltd.

Ipca Laboratories Ltd.

J B Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

K D L Biotech Ltd.


Kopran Ltd.

Lupin Ltd.

Macleods Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Matrix Laboratories Ltd.

Merck Ltd.

Morepen Laboratories Ltd.

Nectar Lifescience Ltd.

Neuland Laboratories Ltd.

Nicholas Piramal India Ltd.

Novartis India Ltd.

Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Organon (India) Ltd.


Panacea Biotec Ltd.

Pfizer Ltd.

Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.

Shasun Chemicals & Drugs Ltd.

Strides Arcolab Ltd.

Sun Pharmaceutical Inds. Ltd.

Surya Pharmaceutical Ltd.

T T K Healthcare Ltd.

Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

U S V Ltd.

Unichem Laboratories Ltd.

Unimark Remedies Ltd.

Wockhardt Ltd.

Wyeth Ltd.

Q.6 How long does it take for orders to be delivered?

Delivery usually takes 10 days but may take up to 30 days.

Q.7 How do I return an order to

We cannot accept returns on prescription medications because it is illegal to reuse or resell them. If your prescription order was damaged in shipping or if the incorrect item was shipped please e-mail us immediately at Please include your order number and tracking number in your e-mail so we may assist you sooner.

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