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Electronic Payments

Electronic payments also referred to as e-checks or electronic checks are paid like a regular check but without the hassle of writing a paper check and mailing it. The bank account of the payer is debited for the amount of the e-check purchase the same as it would be for a paper check.

When a purchase is made with an e-check, the seller accepts the payment and it is held in a pending status until the amount is paid by the bank, this usually occurs within 2-3 business day. In case of insufficient funds in the payer's bank account both the seller and payer are notified that the transaction has been cancelled.

If you decide to make an electronic payment for your purchase from please note the following information:
You must have a bank account in the US
You must have sufficient funds in the account for the purchase

When making the payment you will need to provide the name on your bank account, the banks routing number and the number of your bank account
The routing number and account number are located on the bottom of your checks.

What are the advantages of paying by e-check?

The entire payment process is done electronically.
Payment time is faster.
Processing fees are lower.

E-checks eliminate environmental impact
Electronic payments are convenient and safe

Making electronic payments to is safe and convenient. Personal and payment information is transmitted securely using Secure Sockets Layer SSL, 128 bit encryption services. Website pages using this security feature will feature URLs starting with HTTPS rather than the standard HTTP.

E-check payments will save you time and allows us to provide you with a superior shopping experience.

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