Should Antibiotics be used for Tooth Infections?

Should Antibiotics be used for Tooth Infections?

Abscessed tooth which is better known as tooth infection, causes puss formation in the mouth which is caused due to bacterial infection. Some of the major reasons behind tooth infections are:

Tooth Decay


Previous dental troubles

Tooth infection can cause you uneasiness, pain, swelling, and sensitivity. You must visit a dentist at the earliest if you suffer tooth infection. Don’t wait for the condition to worsen. Your mouth infection can cause you brain troubles as well, hence, steer clear from any such negligence mistake. Your dentist is likely to prescribe you some form of antibiotic and pain killer (if you suffer excruciating pain). There are plenty of antibiotics the doctor can prescribe, Divaine 100mg tablet is a commonly used and reliable antibiotic, however, when it comes to tooth infection be very sure to only take the medicine prescribed by the doctor.


Which Antibiotic would work for Tooth Infection?

Before anything, please understand that not all tooth infections require antibiotics. Dentists are the best judge in this case. If they feel there must be a root canal procedure that must be adopted or extraction of the infected tooth, then that would be the best choice for you.

Antibiotics are generally prescribed when the infection is severe, it has spread in a vast area, or when you suffer with weak immune system. In case antibiotic is prescribed, the doctor ensures to assess all the aspects of the tooth infection and prescribe the best suited one.

Antibiotics that fall under the category of penicillin and amoxicillin are the ones that are used to treat tooth infections. Some patients might suffer some form of allergy due to administration of a specific class of drug, in this case, the dentist must immediately switch the drug with some other medicine.

How do you know when to stop taking Antibiotics?

Tooth infection requires antibiotics, dentists usually suggest a dose of one week. Dentist will also inform you how many times you must take the antibiotic in a day.

You need to get hold of the exact directions from your pharmacy. Know in depth precisely how to take the antibiotic. You can ask the pharmacist if you’re not certain about how to take a medication.

Always take the complete course of antibiotics prescribed by using your dentist, even if your signs and symptoms appear to disappear. If you don’t take the complete course, some bacteria that may have survived, make their way back and cause a great deal of infection.

You can buy divaine 50 mg tablet, ciprofloxacin, or any other antibiotic readily available in the market but be sure to take it only when you feel you have the prescription approved by a qualified doctor, who knows your specific condition, allergy, past medical interactions.

Don’t just take any medicine be mindful, consult, and only then commit.

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