Is Accutane Really Bad for Your Health?

Is Accutane Really Bad for Your Health?

If you are looking for some treatment that helps cure severe acne situation then the first thing you might be offered is Accutane. Accutane or isotretinoin is the first medicine that is prescribed in case of severe acne, so there is definitely some smoke which has led to the fire. It is the medicine that helps acne situation in various ways. It reduces the overall oil production on the skin. When the skin produces less oil there are less chances of the skin breaking out due to clogged pores. Accutane also slows down the overall growth of the skin cells which help kill bacteria that are present in the pores and can be the leading cause of major inflammation and acne.

Accutane is almost 85% effective. But people are getting concerned of the side effects that come with this miraculous drug. One major trouble that has surfaced is that it can cause some hormonal imbalances which might lead to depression and suicidal thoughts amongst the users of the medicine. However, series of tests that have been carried out to test the authenticity of the claim fail to show any signs of depression or anxiety or suicidal thoughts.

But, the fact remains that like any medicine isotretinoin also has some side effects which may not affect everyone but have definitely been observed in some

  • Dry eyes
  • Chapped lips
  • Sunlight sensitivity
  • Increased cholesterol levels
  • Pain in the muscles
  • Liver problems short-term

If you assess the nature and type of side effects, you will notice that these can be handled well in some way or the other. If the doctor advises you isotretinoin he would first know about your condition. You can share your allergies and what suits and what doesn’t suit you right there and then. You must buy sotret 30 mg online only if you are recommended to do so by a learned and experienced physician.

Sotret is the generic version of Isotretinoin readily available. It is highly effective in treating even acute acne cases. it is a prescription drug that must only be taken with precautions, don’t take alcohol with the drug. And don’t take the drug if you are pregnant or trying to conceive.

You must first adhere to doctor’s guideline, he might ask you to get you monthly blood tests done, which will help him assess how the drug has been working for you. If there are any signs of trouble he can revoke your prescription and offer something else. Once you have your doctor’s prescription with you it gets easier for you to buy medicine, you can try online drugstore in USA to buy the medicine that is prescribed to you.


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