How effective is Althrocin Tablet?

How effective is Althrocin Tablet?

Althrocin 500 mg tablets are the macrolide antibiotics that are majorly useful for the treatment of several infections which are caused by a bacteria, the infection may effect ear, lungs, or throat. It is not the one to be administered in case of common cold and flu. It is not ideal for viral infections.

Uses of Althrocin 500 mg

  • PNEUMONIA – The common infectious condition that affects the lungs and is caused by influenza, streptococcus, haemophilus, etc. You can buy antibiotics pills online from reputed drugstore.
  • EAR INFECTION – Althrocin 500mg is excellent drug that helps treat in Otitis Media, it is a common infectious condition that affects the ear with a bacterial attack.
  • BRONCHITIS – It is an inflammation condition that affects the bronchial tube, this happens due to the attack of several bacteria inclusive of Haemophilus, pneumonia.
  • PERTUSSIS – It is critical that respiratory disease that is referred to as whooping cough due to pertussia bacteria.
  • RHEUMATIC FEVER – Repetitions of rheumatic infections and fever in the upper respiratory tract can be prevented with the overall usage of Althrocin 250 mg tablet. You can buy antibiotic pills online from reliable drugstores.


Before you buy Althrocin 500mg online you must know the side effects of the same:

  • Diarrhea
  • Skin blistering
  • Joint pain
  • Skin rashes
  • Fastening of heartbeats
  • Loss of weight
  • Loss of appetite
  • Abdominal pain
  • Chest tightness
  • Dizziness


When should you not use Althrocin 250 Mg tablets?

  1. In case of allergic conditions – If you find yourself allergic to erythromycin tablets, which constitutes same composition as that of althrocin or any types of macrolides, or an inactive component of the medicine Althrocin 200 Mg, then you must refrain from taking this medicine.
  2. In cholestasic jaundice – If your doctor is well aware of the major fact that you have a history of suffering from hepatic impairment or cholestatic jaundice, your doctor would not advise you to buy Althrocin 500 mg tablets.


How to use Althrocin 500 Mg?

You must take the medicine as per doctor’s advice and consult a professional. You must follow their instructions and properly take the medicine. Generally, it could be taken with or without food. It is important that you stick to doctor’s guidance and just don’t do your treatment on your own. Buy antibiotics pills online from reliable drugstore and commit to the usage as advised by your doctor. Don’t lose sight of what it means to your body. If you feel it affects your body in anyway, be sure to address it.

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