Hormone Therapy for Breast Cancer

Hormone Therapy for Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer of some types are majorly affected by hormones, like the progesterone and estrogen. The breast cancer cells have proteins attached to them which majorly helps with their growth. The treatment that is employed to control and retard these hormones is known as Hormone or endocrine therapy. It is recommended that women who suffer tumors are the ones who are hormone receptor- positive.

When must you use Hormone Therapy?

It is often used post-surgery to help reduce and minimize the risk of cancer retracing its path. It is usually used for 5-10 years. Hormone therapy is the one treatment that can very well treat cancer and helps combat it from spreading to other parts of the body.

How does Hormone Therapy work?

Receptor-positive hormone breast cancers are about 2 out of every 3 cases. The cells have proteins for the estrogen hormone and progesterone which helps with growth of cancer cells. There are various types of hormone therapy available for breast cancer. These have either low estrogen levels or absolutely stop the estrogen from acting and working on the breast cancer cells. 

Drugs that are Estrogen Receptors Blocker

Tamoxifen - This is one drug that is known to block the estrogen receptors from acting upon the breast cancer cells. It acts as a barrier between the cancer cells and retard their growth as well as divide them. You might be advised by your doctor to buy cytotam 20mg tablet, it is a generic version of tamoxifen. It belongs to the category of SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator). It might be used well to treat women who suffer breast cancer amongst the women who might have or might have not gone through menopause as yet.

Tamoxifen can be used in various ways, it can help lower the risk of breast cancer amongst the women who are susceptible to breast cancer. For the ones who have already undergone a breast cancer surgery it acts as a great drug that helps lower the chances of DCIS returning.

Toremifene – It is another SERM which works in a similar manner as tamoxifen. It is used less often than Tamoxifen drug. It is approved to treat the metastatic breast cancer prevalent amongst the postmenopausal women.

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