Dreadful Bacterial Infections Impacting Respiratory System

Dreadful Bacterial Infections Impacting Respiratory System

Bacterial Respiratory Infections are infections that primarily affect the chest, lungs, nose, throat, and sinus. These are classified into two types - acute and chronic respiratory infections. While acute infections heal over a short duration of time, chronic respiratory infections take a seemingly long time to heal as they occur repeatedly. The risk of these infections increases in the winter season. 

Most of the germs that are responsible for respiratory infections get passed from one body to another through breathing in the respiratory droplets from an infected person, touching one’s mouth, nose or eyes post getting in contact with an infected person. These can also happen by touching the objects that have been exposed to the infected person. Zycillin 500mg is one of the most effective medicines that are given to people suffering from bacterial infections. 

But before taking any medication, you need to be sure of the infections. To be sure of the infection, here are some common symptoms of respiratory infections. Check the symptoms below: 

  • Fatigue 
  • Fever 
  • Mucus Production 
  • Trouble in Breathing 
  • Coughing 
  • Sore Throat 
  • Nasal Discharge 

If you have any of the above symptoms, you might be suffering from bacterial respiratory infections. You can buy Ciplox 500mg tablets online as they are effective in treating bacterial infections of the respiratory system. If the symptoms are ignored for prolonged periods, they can develop into respiratory ailments listed below: 


Pertussis, commonly known as Whooping Cough happens due to Bordetella Pertussis. This causes violent coughing which can result in difficulty in breathing. Infants are at primary risk of Pertussis but it is not confined only to the infants as anyone from any age group can get infected. The vaccine helps in preventing the spread of whooping cough. Zycillin 500mg is effective for treating this infection but it is recommended to see a doctor before beginning any medicinal course. 


One of the deadliest bacterial diseases is Tuberculosis. The causative is Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and it primarily attacks the lungs. Even though the primary area of damage is the lungs but it is not confined to just the lungs as it tends to damage various other parts of the body as well. This spreads in a similar fashion as any flu does i.e. coming in close contact with the infected person. 


Bacterial Pneumonia causes cough producing mucus lungs also known as sputum from the lungs. Anybody can be infected with this but there are some people who are at a considerably greater risk of falling prey to Bacterial Pneumonia. Those who have another respiratory disease, have undergone surgery recently, or have been suffering from any other viral infection are at a greater risk of Pneumonia. 

For acute respiratory infections caused due to bacterial growth, one can buy ciplox 500mg tablets online as they can treat these. However, it is recommended to visit the doctor as soon as the first symptoms appear.

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